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Support Her Future
July 14, 2017
GIST and Its projects
April 9, 2018
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March Against Hunger

March Against Hunger

In our pursuit of better education for girls, GIST carried out a survey in Sumaila and Panisau community of kano state and discovered that one of the major reasons why the girls don’t go to school is because of a high level of poverty. Parents prefer that the girls stay back to hawk or are married off as a means to raise funds for survival.

GIST has introduced its #Marchagainsthunger project to alleviate poverty especially among the women and empower them so that the girls can be given a chance to education.

In March we organized a sensitization project to encourage women to learn hands on skills and also get involved in farming and other enterprising skills to enable them create a better future for their girls.

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